FAQ Revised: Friday 13 December 2002 10:17:25

Table of Contents

1. Installation
2. Usage

1. Installation

1.1. I'm attempting to install the latest ProjectButler from SourceForge. While trying to create the table in mysql, it generates a bad SQL error.
Please upgrade to a recent version of MySQL that can handle empty SQL statements, e.g. 3.23.51.

1.2. I got an error message like "Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /etc/projectbutler/db_info.inc:6)".
The file /etc/projectbutler/db_info.inc seems to have trailing spaces after the ?>. Remove them.

1.3. ProjectButler doesn't quite work RedHat 8.0.
You need to set short_open_tag = On and register_globals = On in your php.ini file.

2. Usage

2.1. When trying to create a new project or to view an existing project, I get the error message "Invalid Priority ID".
The include path in your httpd.conf doesn't seem to be correct, so that Pear's DB.php can't be found. Usually it should bring an error message, but on some (RedHat) installations this was not the case. So, the solution is to fix the include path, then it should work.